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Does your organization have the ability to communicate and collaborate from anywhere? Can your employees answer phone calls, respond to live chats, or have remote meetings and web conferences from any location? Would you like to improve your company’s telecommunications system so that your company has the technology and tools to communicate inside the office and remotely? Having the ability to conduct business from a smartphone or from a remote location has become a necessity for many businesses. Let us help you set up a telecommunications system that gives your business more options.

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Are you looking to replace your company’s outdated telecommunications system? We are a 3CX VoIP provider. Using 3CX will provide your company with a full-featured phone system as well as other features such as online video calling, web conferencing, and live-chat technology. Rather than having a separate platform for your website live chats and internet communication, your company can integrate everything into one platform. 3CX phone system includes call queues, video calling, web conferencing, and more. Facebook messaging, text messaging and live website chats can all be integrated into one easy-to-use system.. Maybe you have thought about improving your technology before but had no idea how to set it up or how it would work? Talk to us about how to move your company over to 3CX.


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We offer Northern Michigan and surrounding areas a one-source solution for all of your IT and business telecommunication needs. Give us a call to see how we can help your business. Our experts are knowledgeable, helpful, and can answer any questions you have regarding our VoIP and telecommunication solutions. Let us set your business up with feature-rich telecommunication services, allowing you to save money and have a comprehensive platform. Whether you are looking for installation of a VoIP solution, or other business telecommunication services, our team can help.

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