VOIP Service for the Healthcare Industry

VOIP Service for Doctors & Healthcare 

Does your Healthcare Practice Need a Better Phone System?

If you manage a doctor’s office or healthcare practice, we can help you manage your phone calls better. Our VOIP phone systems for the healthcare industry help you from missing calls. Our auto-attendant frees up your staff from answering questions like directions to your office. We have features that are suited for your busy healthcare practice including features like unlimited rollover lines. We can direct all your calls to the appropriate department, such as billing, clinical care, prescription refills, or the receptionist.

Keep your Communications HIPPA Compliant

In the healthcare industry, patient privacy is required. Our VOIP systems keep your phone calls secure. While we offer a call-recording feature, this feature can be disabled for patient communication. If your staff is busy with patients, or away from the office, our mobile office and SRM features allow you to check your calls while you are busy. Let us help you set up VOIP services that will allow you to run your practice more efficiently and be more connected.

Auto Attendant

SMS Messaging

CRM Integration

Call Recording

Unlimited Lines

Our VOIP specialists will help you with every step of the process.

We can help you set up your VOIP phone system for your healthcare practice, and show you how to use all of the features. From setting up our auto attendant, to call recordings, we can walk you through every step of our VOIP phone systems.

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