VOIP Service for Restaurants and Retail

VOIP Service for Restaurants & Retail

Does your Business Need a Better Phone System?

If you run a restaurant or retail store and want to provide your customer’s with a better customer experience, VOIP phone services can help. Our VOIP features can help your business run more smoothly. From monitoring your managers call metrics, to taking orders, or answering customer’s questions, VOIP phone services can help your operation. With our unlimited rollover lines, customers will always be able to reach you. Our features are ideal for businesses like yours.

Give Your Customers a Better User Experience

Grow your company’s reputation and bottom line with a good communication system. VOIP allows you to stay connected with your customers from anywhere. As your business grows, you always want your customers to have a positive experience when they call.  VOIP means never missing a call.  Our VOIP phone system can handle a heavy call volume and can provide you with features your customers will love. You can’t get this with a traditional phone service.

Auto Attendant

SMS Messaging

CRM Integration

Call Recording

Unlimited Lines

Our VOIP specialists will help you with every step of the process.

We can help your restaurant or retail business set up your VOIP phone system and show you how to use all of the features. From setting up our auto attendant, to call recordings, we can walk you through every step of our VOIP phone systems.

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